About Me

I am a degreed engineer who has had many positions in the electro-mechanical automation industry. I am married with two (2) children and live in New England. I enjoy being outdoors and being physically active. I have taught middle school Mathematics and have obtained my Masters in Education. I was highly functional before Benzos took my life away. My story is posted here for more information. Recovery has been slow but as you can see, I am healing and very excited to help others on this journey to regain health and not need medication for life circumstances. Picture Take on August 4th, 2019.

health coach institute
health coach institute

My Mission

I am a Benzo brain injured survivor on a mission to help educate the public on these types of medications that take away our health and support people in recovery. I got certified to be a Health Coach in order to effectively coach people through Benzo Brain Injury Syndrome BBIS. I also want to be part of the solution on how such medications can be avoided with small lifestyle habit change.

Detox and Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers are not suitable for Benzo withdrawals for a number of reasons:

  • No one should come off Benzos rapidly; it can take many months to properly taper.
  • A secure and familiar environment for healing is CRITICAL as the CNS is already traumatized so being at home or with a caring relative is best.
  • We are not addicts. We were prescribed a pill that damaged our brains and the 12 Step Program is not applicable.
  • Eliminating as much stress as possible is the quickest and most efficient way to heal from (BBIS).
  • Our bodies and brains need gentle kindness and ACCEPTANCE – not strict protocols and a rigid schedule.
  • MORE people relapse due to going to such places and then after being sent home in a complete state of Acute WIthdrawals (after more toxic meds to deal with the symptoms).
  • With the proper support and time, recovery is achievable at home without paying thousands of dollars and making this healing even more painful.

Allow my education, experience and compassion help heal you as we take this journey together.