A. The Gold Standard of Medical Research: The Ashton Manual

B. List of Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms A-Z

C. How Benzo Mimic Chronic Illnesses and What to Do About it

D. Medications and Supplements To Avoid During Cessation and after Withdrawal

E. Why I avoided Doctors and Used the Internet to Get Off Benzos

F. Mad in America

G. Excellent Resource: The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices

H. Video from Benzo Land of How a Benzo Competent Doctor would Handle a Benzo Injured Patient

I. Online Support Forum for Validating Symptoms

J. Brian Baxter Benzo Withdrawal Welcome to Hell FULL You Tube Video

K. DEA Drug Fact Sheet Benzodiazepines

L. A Word about Recovery – from Steven Wright, M.D.

M. How Chronic Administration of Benzodiazepines leads to Unexplained Chronic Illness: A hypothesis

N. Neuroscience Basics: GABA and Glutamate Animation

O. Benzo Free Podcast by D. E. Foster – an invaluable resource for getting Through Benzo Hell

P. One Year off Benzodiazepines: A Doctor’s Journey – Dr. Christy Huff

Q. Benzodiazepines Equivalencies and Why to Switch to Valium

R. Benzo Alliance BIND Symptoms

S. DE Foster A New You: Life After Benzo WIthdrawals (Presentation Recorded Live at Benzo Warrior)

T. Download to How Benzodiazepines Stole Your Friend or Family Member – And How You Can Help Get Them Back!

U. Interview with Geraldine Burns by Benzo Brains

V. Geraldine Burns Podcast – Benzodiazepine Awareness with Geraldine Burns on Apple Podcasts

Blood Orange Night by Melissa Bond – Melissa details her story through her own Benzo Hell as her doctor prescribed 6 mg of Ativan!

The Benzodiazepine Information Coalition (BIC) has an extremely useful website with amazing contributors: www.BenzoInfo.com

These are helpful instructions on applying for disability and other resources from their website.