Important Technical Terms and Information

Benzo Brain Injury Syndrome (BBIS): The term that I have adopted for the brain injury induced from tolerance as well as the suffering that takes place during the recovery from withdrawals of benzo. A syndrome is an array of symptoms and conditions that are related to a single cause.

Dependency: This is NOT addiction. This is when the body/brain now needs the medication to function properly.

Withdrawal: The state of unbalanced CNS as the process of the body ridding itself of the drug. This can take as long as weeks or months due to the half life and toxicity of Benzos.

Tolerance: The need for more and more medication in order to achieve the same results and/or the medication simply no longer working and causing adverse effects.

CNS: Central Nervous System (CNS): The main controller of how our brains work, our bodies feel, how we regulate emotions, and how we think and process life.

Gaba Receptors: This is the neurotransmitter that is down regulated and damaged from continuous benzo use. Gaba receptors are located everywhere in the body as well as the brain and are responsible for the regulation and calming of the CNS. Benzos replace the Gaba such that the body no longer needs the receptors and they become ineffective leaving the person in a state of shock and misery.

Glutamate: This is the neurotransmitter responsible for the excitatory part of the balancing the CNS. It is also the flight or fight feeling when one is under attack. However; after prolonged use of Benzos; glutamate takes over the CNS and physical and mental health rapidly deteriorates.

Window: A period of time when symptoms lessen and you remember who you are and what life is like off Benzos.

Wave: A period of time when symptoms rush back in the ultimate way reminding you that you have not totally healed from BBIS.